BODEM 2/04/2020: Climate adaptation - The magic word 'Nature-Based Solutions'



The many challenges facing our soils, from historical pollution to climate change, require new solutions. Nature-Based Solutions are such a new track and a number of these techniques are currently being investigated in pilot projects in Flanders and the Netherlands - with Europe just around the corner - for the effectiveness and application possibilities of 'working with nature'.


RESANAT stands for 'remediation of residual pollution using nature-based techniques' and is a Flemish-Dutch collaboration to refine a number of remediation techniques for PAHs and oil. In RESANAT seven small and large companies from the Netherlands and Flanders (iFLUX, Tauw Group, bio2clean, Jan De Nul NV, Witteveen+Bos Belgium, Dura Vermeer Infra Milieu, TTE Consultants) collaborate with knowledge institution Deltares and OVAM to stimulate the redevelopment of polluted sites in the Netherlands and Flanders.


The LIFE project NARMENA ('Nature-based Remediation of Metal pollutants in Nature Areas to increase water storage capacity') deals with the approach to the remediation of water soils. For this purpose OVAM wants to develop and implement nature-based remediation methods that are both cost-effective and non-invasive in watercourses, riverbank zones and valley soils in Natura 2000, nature reserves and flood plains.

OVAM is implementing this project together with the Agency for Nature and Forests and Natuurpunt, which owns and manages the nature areas. The Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij, as watercourse manager, is also a partner in this project together with the experts in the field of soil research and remediation ABO NV, bio2clean (phytoremediation) and ARCHE Consulting bvba (ecomodelling).


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Solutions for climate adaptation

The magic word 'Nature-Based Solutions